Retail Fit-outs and Shop Make-overs

A new retail fitout can change the whole feel and ambiance of a shop and new attract customers. SUMAC cafe was recently refitted, with stunning designs by Shadia Design and signage/graphics by us (It’s Visual). 3D letters on the fascia were used to brand the shop and wallpaper prints of the feature wall tie the look together. Digital prints on the windows and doors also contributed to the overall look. Check out the gallery.

A range of options exisit to spice up your shop with either a full re-fit or just a surface revamp. Feature wall graphics are a great option and new logos/signage on the outside and inside of the shop can give it a professional finish. We use digitally printed graphics to create bright striking colours. Image panels can be retrofitted, or for an extra punch, LED illuminated light-boxes or lettering are a good option. A-frames on the street or a pylon sign if space allows  are important to grab attention of passers by.

Signage and wall graphics by It’s Visual, Photos and graphic design by Shadia Design.

Contact us to discuss your needs and we can provide a competitive quote and ideas for your shop.

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