Complete Sign Packages

Make sure your business matches for the full impact

Getting a style guide and complete corporate identity for your business is not always necessary, but to really look professional, having signs, logos and colours that all match, is very important. This ties everything in together and presents you as an organised, professional business.


When ordering your sign, think about what else could be branded with your logo and colours? Stickers are great for windows, your products, your car and much more. We can design the stickers to suit different sizes and uses. For example, if the sticker will be subjected to wear and tear or outdoor conditions, we will suggest a clear laminate for protection. One-way-vision is a see through sticker for the back window of your car, and we can also provide magnetic signs for the sides of your car. Banners and metal signs are great for the outside of a retail shop, or for some extra attention, how about an LEDs, 3D sign or Light-box?

Head to our services page for some ideas:

Self-adhesive vinyl is manufactured in a set range of colours. It’s the most durable form, however it’s got a limited range of colours and is only good for logos with 1-3 colours (and not gradients, images or complex text). It can be used for simple stickers, window stickers, trading hours, car graphics, phone numbers, outdoor signs, reception signs, labels and more.

Generally, digital print is a great option for getting the colours you want and of course is the best option for images and complex graphics. Often you may have a Pantone (or PMS) colour code for your logo/signs. We offer custom colour matching, to make sure the colours match as close as possible. Of course, some Pantone colours are not achievable in CMYK digital print, but we’ll make sure we get it as close as possible, so your graphics look professional.

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