Benefits and Types of 3D Signs

Nowadays, businesses have upgraded their system through more flamboyant signage boards and lightings. Owners have reformed their system into 3D sign letters as common way of representation, just because it is crisp, much clear, crisp to read and looks modern to the clients and customers. An exemplary for outdoors as well as indoor signage purpose, it is one of the most effective way in reaching out to advertisers, clients and building the brand. 3D signs helps your business to get seen more than you want it to be heard.

3D Signage

3D signs (or custom 3D signs) can only be effective, if the owner cracks the method on how to implement things into the business, owning to its versatility and complexity that comes down with it.

One should keep in mind, these three steps in order to inculcate the effectiveness of the signs:

  • Choose the type of sign that matches with the genre of your business.
  • Reach out to market and what is popular in designing, or simply opt for custom 3D signs.
  • Make sure the thickness of the letters, material and style is on point.

It is important to keep in mind the goals, guidelines and policies for the company. Your 3D sign should complement (either for outdoors or indoors) your firm and not odds the features out.

3D Signs Window

Type and Material for 3D signs

As per type for either 3D signs or custom 3D signs, they are;

Dimensional lettering

It is non illuminating, depicting for the crisp and clear design (can be used for both interior and exterior 3D signage)

Channel Lettering

It is illuminating with three dimensional constructions of letters; it is more preferable due to its day and night visibility.


Plastic is the most referred one in 3D signs (Acrylic, Vinyl, PVC) whereas Metal ones are more durable and attractive for interior designs (Copper, Aluminium (cast), Bronze)and Letter foam are light weighted and highly dense.

3D Window Signs

3D Sign Letter thickness

For non-illuminating 3D signs, the thickness can range near around 2 inches and 3 inches deep, whereas the thickness of illuminating letters can range between 3 to 5 inches and 5 inches deep as well.

One cannot deny the popularity of 3D signage; one can easily observe the usage of these signs, as they offer more engagement into the market with clients and advertisers; being the part of decorative stand out. It is easier, even for smaller business to adapt into these designs within the budget and create a mark over the market.

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