7 Things You Should Know About Buying a Sign

WHY: Understand the Purpose of the Sign

Is the sign there to brand your business or is there a specific message or theme you want to communicate? Having clear and well thought-out theme/branding will increase the chance of communicating to potential customers.

DESIGN AND CONTENT: Does the Sign Look Professional?

A basic principle you can follow is – Less is more. Don’t cram too much information onto your sign. It will look cluttered, the message will be lost and no one will read it. Keep it simple and prioritise your main message.

STAND OUT: Dare to be Different

Do you want your sign to stand out from the rest or blend in? You are competing with a barrage of other images and slogans – make yours grab attention, so try and think outside the square.

LIFETIME: Know How Long You Want the Sign to Last

Does it need to be a short-term or long-term sign? Does the sign sit inside or outside and is it in reach of the public and at risk of vandalism? Outdoor signs and sigs placed where they can be scratched or touched by people should generally be laminated for protection. Signs placed outside or needed to last a long time should be constructed from high quality, weatherproof materials. It ‘s also worth considering the aspect of the sign position – if a sign faces the harsh afternoon sun it’s lifespan will be reduced compared to a sign on the southern side of a building or one placed under a veranda.

PRICE: The CHEAPEST Sign is Probably the WRONG Sign

The sign industry has become very competitive; there are now endless overseas options supplying the Australian manufacturing market with cheap and often sub-standard materials that may not last in our harsh Australian conditions.Some consequences could be fading ink, peeling laminates or sign panels with dimples & lifting vinyl, to name a few. The cheapest quote probably means that corners have been cut, which could mean extra costs to replace the sign prematurely.


Does your sign come with a guarantee? This can help you decide if the sign was built to the correct standards and will last.

HELP FROM YOUR SIGN SUPPLIER: Experience and Customer Service are Important

Still not sure? Choose an experienced sign supplier. An experienced supplier will have a good knowledge base to be able to point you in the right direction.

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